RR Condo by Pascali Semerdjian Architects

RR Condo is an inspiring trendy dwelling in Sao Paulo, Brazil, designed by Pascali Semerdjian Architects for a childless couple in 2021.

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Situated within the Barra Funda neighborhood in São Paulo, Condo RR was designed for a pair with out youngsters. Initially we sought to fulfill the calls for of the proposed program and from there optimize the options as we noticed match.

The mission has some particular components that occurred alongside its improvement and after the conclusion of the plan. We marked a few of these components with curves, such because the barbecue grill balcony in wooden on the inner facet and white on the lounge facet, as if we had a core and a shell. This similar idea seems otherwise within the cupboards that type a quantity subsequent to the kitchen: a picket nook emerges from two white curves in a aircraft. With out curves, however with the identical idea of the shell, we now have a picket aircraft above the kitchen that tasks oblique gentle into the room and serves as assist and cabinets.

One other request from the shopper was that we make use of shade within the mission in some uncommon means. So we made the ceiling of the couple’s rest room in a pink tone and with a delicate curvature in its edges. Utilizing pink grout, we left an impression that the paint of the ceiling tile runs and fills the areas between the tiles.

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There was an preliminary incompatibility between the knowledge supplied by the development firm and what was really constructed within the residence. With the beginning of the mission earlier than the supply of the works, we needed to redo components of the mission to adapt it to the fact of the location. These adjustments needed to be re-approved by the shopper, which all the time finally ends up producing some frustration, because the first answer normally creates an preliminary ardour.

Generally, the residence was in-built a really typical means with masonry partitions, plaster ceiling, and so on. However right here we used porcelain tile flooring in all areas, not on the shopper’s request, however by “elimination”. The shopper’s stipulations for this ground – chilly, good value profit, secure and with out chance of cracks sooner or later and simple to scrub and keep – led us to porcelain tiles. The cabinetry is all Freijó and white goffered paint.

The ground plan of the residence didn’t permit us to alter a lot, particularly due to structural interferences. So its important configuration, equivalent to the situation of the rooms, was maintained. We modified the circulation and accesses to the rooms and built-in the kitchen to the lounge, which was a direct request from the shopper. The veranda was additionally built-in to the lounge by its glazing, however visually “separated” by its curved form.

Pictures by Ricardo Bassetti

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– by Matt Watts

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