New Household Home by Atelier Rampazzi

New Household Home is a contemporary home situated in Avegno, Switzerland, designed in 2021 by Atelier Rampazzi.

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The venture concerned the development of a brand new home developed on a single flooring and characterised by the presence of a small inner patio. Its pentagonal form is principally as a result of form of the bottom. A planimetric form that, like a circle, avoids city instructions and references. The central core makes much more evident the presence of a concentric pivot which acts as the center of the home, the place the elements of on a regular basis life meet every others visually, from the fireside to the bed room.

To steadiness the sturdy volumetric horizontality, we labored with a homogeneous and important materialization and architectural language, consisting of distinct constructive and architectural parts, however in proportion and relationship to one another. The facades in wood panels and the repeated full-height openings, which intensify the verticality, are contrasted by the continual concrete beam of the roof which acts as a crown.

The amount is lastly articulated and concluded with the event of an extra quantity on the roof, a kind of stairway, which emphasizes the presence of the courtyard and hides the constructing’s approach, bringing a touch of workmanship in the direction of the sky and the mountains. Mainly, the tripartite construction of the facades, developed by the use of the bottom, a central physique, and the crown, turns into the generator of a single physique that pushes upwards in relation to the sturdy mountains of the Maggia Valley.

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On a motorial degree, the journey inside the home permits people to narrate constantly to different distant areas, whether or not they’re inner, exterior, pure, or synthetic. By reworking the mechanical motion of strolling right into a sensory stroll that connects the artifice to the encircling nature. This emerges within the passage between the doorway and the dwelling space as within the relationship between the identical and the patio, assured by the loophole that connects the 2 locations.

Finally, the proportions and rhythms skilled outdoors, of their relationships, result in the notion of a small home. Regardless of the virtually 4 meters excessive, with out a human determine in relation, it’s tough to understand any verticality because the work of distinction between the completely different materials bands decreases their slenderness.

Externally on a chromatic and materials degree, we labored with the grey of the bolstered concrete of the crowning beam, which pertains to the rocks of the valley, and for the central quantity with easy brown-colored wood panels, which additionally relate they with the panorama context that varies with the seasons.

Images by Simone Bossi

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– by Matt Watts