Clair-Obscur by Bureau Fraai

Bureau Fraai‘s Clair-Obscur venture is a conversion and modernization of a monumental constructing situated in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, into high-end residences and workplace house.

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Within the Museum Sq. neighbourhood within the metropolis centre of Amsterdam Bureau Fraai accomplished a conversion and improve of a monumental constructing into high-end residences and workplace areas.
The architects took their inspiration from the Claire-obscur method utilized by the painter Gerard van Honthorst (after whom the road ‘Honthorststraat’ is called) who was a gifted follower of the well-known ‘claire-obscur’ painter Caravaggio.

This attribute constructing and as soon as stunning monumental inside with a complete of 4 storeys and a souterrain had misplaced its appeal all through the time and lack of possession and upkeep. Each the brand new proprietor and municipality needed this constructing to be restored and upgraded with full respect and look after all of the monumental traits, particulars and high quality. Therefor all the prevailing traits and particulars have been properly documented and photographed to make sure they might be restored accordingly.

Workplace areas are created on the bottom flooring and within the souterrain. On the higher flooring spacious high-end residences are created by respecting the standard current constructing format with a entrance and rear room separated by an open ensuite cupboard.

For the brand new inside design Bureau Fraai took the strategy of ‘respecting the previous and embracing the brand new’ by combining the attribute options of the prevailing inside with modern design options and interventions. They took the ‘claire-obscur’ method as their essential inspiration. Claire- obscur is a way from portray wherein the light-dark contrasts are portrayed extra strongly than they usually are in actuality. This produces a dramatic impact that accentuates three-dimensional shapes.

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Bureau Fraai designed these robust light-dark contrasts inside the residences and workplaces by introducing new robust unicoloured inside interventions opposing the sunshine gray fundamental color. The concord of those fairly dramatic interventions with the refined current traits resulted in robust and distinctive ‘claire-obscur’ identities for each flooring.

Images by Flare Division

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– by Matt Watts