Casa NM by Zegnea Grupo

Casa NM is a contemporary home positioned in Guimarães, Portugal, designed in 2022 by Zegnea Grupo.

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Ranging from a collection of constraints imposed by the terrain and its environment, we projected a residence constructing with two flooring, hosted on a platform that lands on the pure terrain. We’ve opted to convey nearer the constructed quantity to the west restrict of the terrain, in a manner of minimizing land actions, liberating terrain for a yard and a backyard.

Given the sturdy avenue inclination, the home roofs contiguous to the terrain discover themselves at fairly completely different heights. So, to keep away from an enormous confrontation between the buildings’ heights on the road facade, we selected to convey these heights nearer, aligning the roof edges to the strains of the adjoining buildings, leading to an inclined roof, that follows the road inclination.

The introduced quantity is the results of a deconstruction and dematerialization type of the ‘field’ – a pure quantity the place ‘components’ have been taken out. These negatives, related to the inside program, have resulted in areas like porches, patios, roofs and balconies that guarantee a better lightness to the development.

Thought via a easy spatial plan, we begin from a central component of the home – the lounge – during which we add full and empty areas. The complete areas, thought of personal cores of the home, are bedrooms, kitchen and storage room; and the empty areas, the patios. This distribution interprets into a really fluid group of areas, selling the communication between the completely different areas, interleaving the indoor and outside areas, in order that they will be part of and prolong themselves.

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This fashion, we get hold of, from the lounge, an virtually direct relationship with the kitchen, the workplace, and the bedrooms core, in addition to with the entire exterior backyard. From the nucleus of the bedrooms, we nonetheless have entry to the higher stage, via a staircase parallel to the bedrooms, that drives us on to the health club. Nonetheless on this flooring, the facade drawing allowed the creation of a extra personal terrace, which allowed us to take care of a direct relationship with the outside.

The materiality of the home, in addition to using impartial tones, helped us to emphasise the lightness of its drawing and its volumetry, establishing a relationship of concord between all components.

Pictures courtesy of Zegnea Grupo

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– by Matt Watts